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Join us this weekend for eight hours of unforgettable training with two of the nation's top instructors, competitors and performers!  


Flouer has her master's degree in dance and creates very clear distinctions between dances. She has performed as a principle artist for a dance company and has even directed her own. She has also studied weaponry and is on a never-ending quest to learn everything she can about dance and movement! 


Joshua is easily one of the most talented individuals you'll ever know. His musicianship is held in high asteem accross the blues and swing communities. He is also an accomplished dancer and has a unique perspective on musicality in dance very few posess. 


We couldn't be more proud to be hosting these two power-houses of artistry. This workshop is for ALL dancers. Not only Blues folks. There's a little something for everyone so if you're working on connection, musicality, conditioning and learning how to have fun with your dance, this is the workshop for you.


For only $100 you can participate in two nights of amazing dancing and a life-changing eight hours of dance training. It's the best deal you're ever going to find on movement seriously. You're welcome. 


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September 27th, 2016

The Rocky Mountain Front Range Blues community is one of the best in the world and Tuesday Blues is where we feature the cream of the crop! Come find out why folks stop in one week and then keep coming back. 

Cierra Ruffin is completing our class series this month with a playful class! This week you'll be playing with the beat and creating that good old stuff we call: Lag and it's friend Stretch. The fundamentals class will focus on partnered movement within a blues aesthetic and will leave you with the very basics you need for a great night of dancing! 

Joining us for the first time as an all night DJ is Vartan "Baby Face" Khackaturov. He hasn't missed a Tuesday Night since his first lesson a year ago and has attended every workshop, lesson and event he possibly could. He's taken private lessons with multiple instructors and even started the only other Blues Dance in Denver called TOSKA (check it out. the next one is on October 15th.) Come on out and show this super nova some love as he takes on all 4.5 hours of Tuesday Night Blues!

The Mercury Cafe has been home to Denver's bohemian culture scene for 40 years. Tuesday Night Blues has called it home for six years. Besides the myriad of artistic events hosted on a daily basis, they boast a full organic menu which the New York Times has called "Fantastic." The bar features all local, organic beers, wines and liquors for prices that should be outlawed. It's everybody's favorite place so come on down. 

(the quick answer is that our teachers work hard and deserve to get paid for everything they do and at only $7, we still have the cheapest dance class in town.)

Intermdiate Class @ 7: $7
Beginner Class @ 8: $5
Social Dance@ 8:30: $8

The best night of music and social dancing ever: priceless



Tuesday Blues features Denver's top blues bands to keep your body rockin.'

Follow the links below to find out more about the acts!!




March 29th: G'Jai's Jook Joint Band


April 19th: Killborne Alley


April 26th: Eli Cook


May 17th: Jesse Garland


June 7th: Atomic Pablo


July 12th: Rick Berthod


August 2nd: Al and The Delta Sonics


August 23rd: Kylie's Birthday Party with Jesse Garland 


September 13th: The Walker Shellist Duo


October 4th: 303 Blues Band


November 8th: Wendy and The Vindicators


December 6th: TBA



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