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The Importance of Lessons


      While social dancing is very important if one wants to improve their blues dance skills, lessons are just as important. Whether you have been dancing for five days or five years, lessons can help improve dancing ability and allow people to meet and dance with a large variety of people.

      Whether you are a beginner dancer or a seasoned veteran, it is always important to take classes that you feel are above your level. In this way, you are certain to challenge yourself and improve your dancing. Also, by taking these lessons, you can meet other people at the same level of dancing you are at and learn their different styles. Lessons are designed to improve dancing skills as well as bring new ideas into the community. These lessons also bring together different styles of blues and improve upon them.

      However, as important as it is to challenge yourself in lessons, you must never forget the basics. Even if you have been dancing for years, taking beginning lessons helps improve your dancing in ways advanced lessons cannot. Getting back to blues basics not only refreshes the memory of what the root of the dance is, the basic lessons enable more seasoned dancers to get a better idea of how to teach other beginners.

     So no matter how long you have been dancing, make sure you take lessons in order to expand your blues dancing knowledge. Combining this with your social dancing is a sure way to enhance your dance skills, meet new people, and have even more fun dancing.


Written by: Audra Peister

The Top 3 Reasons to Attend Tuesday Night Blues at the Mercury Cafe


            Let’s face it; there are a million reasons to attend Tuesday night blues at the Mercury Cafe but three in particular stand out above the rest.

            First of all, go for the great music. Tuesday nights, you will hear fantastic music from many different and talented DJs. They play a variety of music, from old classics by people like John Lee Hooker to new, fusion-infused songs that add a whole new aspect to blues dancing. Whether you are a traditionalist or enjoy dancing to more modern blues classics, you will find something you love on Tuesday nights. The DJs for Tuesday nights come from all over the state and sometimes from out of state. Also, every first Tuesday of the month there is live music and every fourth tuesday is a DJ battle. So no matter what Tuesday you come, you are bound to hear great music.

            Secondly, go for the amazing people. While the dancing is the main reason to go to the Mercury Cafe on Tuesday nights, socializing is another important aspect of it. People from all over the state gather in one place for one purpose. Tuesday nights, you will meet these amazing people as well as enjoy social blues dancing. Tuesday nights are a great place to meet new people and make friends that you will have for the rest of your life.

            Finally, go to improve your dancing! Practice makes perfect and there is no better way to practice your dancing than to go out and do it! Lessons can only take you so far. To really improve, the best way is to dance with many different partners and learn their different styles. With such a diversity of music and people, Tuesday nights are the perfect place to do this. So, come on Tuesday nights, take the lesson, and then practice what you learn on the dance floor.

            So there you have it; three wonderful reasons to go to Tuesday night blues at the Mercury Cafe. Come to improve your dancing with many amazing partners as you dance to a variety of fantastic music. Hope to see you there!


Written by: Audra Peister

A Couple Notes on Dance Etiquette


            During the dance this week, it occurred to me that there are some basic things about dancing etiquette that are not always covered in lessons. While most lessons cover things such as connection and stance, there are some things that need to be mentioned in regards to these two things, especially in regards to connection between lead and follow.

            Connection in dancing is very important, especially in blues dancing. However, there is such thing as too much connection. While I have had this happened during several dances, one particular dance this week stands out in my mind. The person I was dancing with acted as though I was about to run away any minute. His grip was so tight, I could barely breathe much less dance. While connection is important, this was too much. In the dance, there has to be give and take and both partners should feel comfortable and free to express. The follow cannot do this if there is no room to move.

            On the other hand, there is such thing as too little connection. Another dance I had, my partner would barely touch me. Now, I’m not referring to open position but rather to no connection in closed position. Without this connection, it is difficult for the follow to understand what the lead is trying to communicate. A dance is a conversation but it cannot be one-sided. If the follow does not understand what the lead is saying, she cannot properly answer in a way that continues the dialogue.

            Overall, connection is a very important aspect of blues dancing, but there must be a balance. Both partners should be comfortable in the dance and able to carry on the conversation with the music. This balance in connection will lead to an enjoyable experience for both lead and follow and thus lead to furthering the love of blues dancing in general.

Every month, Colorado Blues Dance invites a live blues band to perform for their amazing community of dancers at the Mercury Cafe downtown. Next month we have a very special performance by The Bluesman his'self, Willie Houston.


Willie Houston has spent a lifetime seeing, feeling, and singing the blues. He began in the Louisiana delta cotton fields playing a simple juice harp (mouth harp) and eventually ended up playing at the Saddle Club in downtown Denver in the 50’s with his band Willie Houston and His Rhythm Rockers.

Willie plays a fluid, loose, down-home style that he affectionately says comes from the “alley.”


"People don't come to the street to hear blues," Houston insists. "They come to the alley. They say, 'Put me in the alley.' You can't go no deeper -- old moonshine sittin' up there 'Gad-dawgit, boy! Gals out there doin' that Belly-rubbin' stuff, you know -- that's dance. Everything goes on in the alley -- everything. You don't do no uptown stuff. You goin' down. You down and out." -


When Willie played for us at Tuesday Blues in 2012, the dance floor was properly filled to the brim and the energy of the room transformed reflecting the then 85-year-old's soulful playing. Willie Houston's band gave us an amazing dose of front porch delta blues that kept everyone dancing (or as Willie calls it “belly-rubbin”) well into the night.


This is sure to be a momentous occasion.  A True Blues experience with one of the very few original bluesmen. At 90 years old, Willie Houston has a unique culture to offer and we couldn't be more proud to feature him. 


Watch for our weekly event when it goes live and save the date today.   


The theme?  The Blues.  


The Mercury Cafe is a colorful venue with a restaurant, full bar and spacious dance floor. For the eclectic and curious there are even tarot card readings.
It's not your ordinary dance hall.


Intermediate Progressive Series Lesson 7:00 cost $5
Fundamental lesson at 8:00 cost $5
Dance at 9:00 PM (Live Band Night): $10


People who pay to attend the progressive series classes can attend the fundamental class free.


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