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Colorado Blues DJs

Maybe it's the water, maybe it's the air but for some reason Colorado is home to some of the nation's top blues DJ's.  You can read a bit about each of them here and contact them to find out where you can catch their next set!

Kylie "Lady Blues" Kahnke (Denver, CO)

Kylie Emunah is pretty sure the world is made of music. 

  She enjoys music that is rhythmically challenging with a lilting melody.  With over a dozen different dance styles under her belt, you can expect to be moved by a wide range of genres appropriate for dance experts, audio enthusiasts and hipsters.  She is available to DJ for any event including festivals, birthdays and weddings.  


Kylie Kahnke


Amber Schneider (Denver, CO)

 As a blues dancer, I crave variety in the music I dance to. A good night on the dance floor for me can typically be credited  to music that takes the energy all over the blues spectrum. As a DJ, I aim to fulfill all ends of that spectrum. From fun, funky blues that asks dancers to play with whimsical, staccato movements (ie. "Me and my woman" by Shuggie Otis, "Hound Dog" by Big Mamma Thornton). Down and dirty blues that  harbors a bit of Rock and Roll grit to it (ie:  "Broken Hearted Road"  by Sonny Landreth," Heart Attack an d Vine" by Poppa Chubby). Lyrical, Jazzy Blues/ Jazz that requests  more of an airy, drag style of movement (ie: "Worrisom heart" by Melody Gardot,  "St Louis Woman" by Etta James,  "Ahmad's Blues" by Ahmad Jamal Trio). Real thick bluesy Blues that drives more towards the roots of Blues   ( ie: "Bring me my shotgun" by Lightnin' Hopkins, "The Same Thing" by Muddy Waters). I enjoy creating a musical environment that journeys through different moods and  tempos while lending to a well rounded night of dance, hopefully to be pleasantly remembered by all!


My music collection is quite eclectic and can easily accommodate more Alternative and Fusion Blues styles as well including: latin, tango, belly dance, west coast swing, lindy hop and waltz rhythms.


Amber Schneider


Bryan Spellman (Denver, CO)

Bryan has been DJing for the better part of a decade. His love for blues dancing was born at a house party in Seattle in 2006. His addiction rapidly brought him to competing, teaching, and DJing


Bryan plays songs that make you want to dance, fill the floor, and keep you moving til the wee hours of the morning. He tends to focus on traditional blues, but will toss in some off-the-wall tunes that fit the flow of the night.


His goal is to keep you happy, keep you moving, keep you bluesing.




Noah Nethero (Denver, CO)

 Noah Nethero is a dancer, DJ, event planner from the Denver Colorado. Noah is one of the organizers for Tues Blues at The Mercury Cafe.  Noah’s range of music is very wide, but he knows how to tailor it to suit his audience and the night. He knows when to hit the high energy and when to dial it back to that sultry connection point. For the past few years Noah cut his teeth as regular house DJ for Tues Night Blues at the Mercury Café which is the premier tradition blues dance venue of Colorado.  Dancers from all over the nation talk about the music and the dancing of the Mercury Cafe with great reverance and a lot of that has to do with the music which inspires the dancers.  Noah is Denvers premier traditional blues DJ and in addtion that that, a national level blues fusion DJ.  In addition to the Tuesday Blues, Noah is also involved in Denver’s premier blues tango fusion night “Hot Night” where he weaves a tale of music that bridges the gap and unites the blues and the tango community into a blending of styles, music and dancing bliss. 



Noah Nethero


Nickolas Buchanan (Denver, CO)

Nick was born in Michigan and grew up listening to Polkas, Motown,Rock & Roll, Metal, R&B, Gangster Rap, and Hip Hop… He discovered Jazz and Blues one day while listening to NPR! Falling in love with the music, it was only a matter of time before he found all forms of Swing. Nickolas has been a student of American vernacular dances for 10 years and teaching for about 7. His passion extends to all the “Swing Era Dances.” Including but not limited to Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, East Coast, Collegiate Shag, Solo Jazz, Blues, Fusion/Alt, and  tiny bit-o Hoofin”. 

As a DJ Nick love playing themed sets and tries his best to stay true to the genre. But look out, he also likes to have a bit-o- fun with the music to challenge your rhythmical abilities. His current endeavors are exploring the world of Alternative and Fusion dance music with the goal of bringing some awesome new music right to your body. 

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