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Community. Friendship. Music. Dance.

Colorado Blues Dance:

Expertise Based on Experience

Colorado has a surreal amount of skilled instructors.  Our dance instructors are all multi-faceted and most can teach you an array of dances.  We focus on the blues here, but if you do get in touch with one of our amazing instructors for your event, party or private class be sure to ask them about the other dances they might be able to share with you.


Instructors are listed by City:


Kylie Emunah:

Kylie was born into a family of dancers and has worn many different dance shoes.  After a lifetime in the studio, she discoverd the blues at a house party in 2008 in Portland Oregon.  She felt at home with the range of rhythms and welcoming community. She immersed herself in the history and the aesthetic of the dance which gave her a deep gratitude for blues culture. In 2014 she moved to Denver and became an organizer for Colorado Blues Dance. She can be found at the Merc every Tuesday and at national dance events tearing up the floor in competitons. She teaches with a passion for quality of movement and challenges her students to grow holistically.  Her favorite music to DJ is gritty old delta blues.    



 Kylie Emunah

Jesica Cutler:

Jesica Cutler has spent nearly every waking moment in the last seven years studying blues, jazz and tango.  She has danced in almost every ballroom in Denver and can be found dancing to the wee hours any night of the week.  Her obsession has paid off in her amazing presence as an instructor, performer and DJ.  


Jesica Cutler

Aimee Eddins:

Aimee Eddins is a Tuesday Blues regular!  She can be found shakin’ it on the dance floor at the Merc, just about every Tuesday.  She is also an organizer for the local fusion dance, The Dancing Root.  Aimee has been dancing the blues for six years!  During that time she has studied with blues greats and has traveled the country learning, DJ’ing and teaching.  She now performs with the Rocky Mountain Blues Troupe and teaches for Tuesday Blues whenever she’s not on the road.  She is available for private lessons, so go ahead and send her an e-mail.   




Aimee Eddins


Anna-Grace Garcia:

Photo credit: Lucy Schultz Photography

Anna-Grace has a background in Lindy Hop, and completely fell in love when she discovered Blues dance in 2012. She is a member of the Rocky Mountain Blues Troopers and is studying Instructional Design at Walden University. She brings her academic insight and dance know-how together to create group classes and private lessons that are insightful, engaging, and fun.


Anna-Grace teaches, DJs, choreographs, competes, performs, and organizes throughout the Front Range. She is passionate about facilitating environments that are "ambidancetrous" (dancers learn both leading and following roles), encourage respect- and consent-based community building, and are historically and culturally aware in order to honor the artists who gave us the gift of Blues.


Anna-Grace Garcia


Joe and Nelle DeMers:

Two of Denver's best dance instructors, Joe and Nelle DeMers are known for their performance Swing, Lindy Hop, and Blues. They are continually ranked the best instructors at workshop and competition weekends in which they teach. They are the owners of Overstreet Dance Gallery in Littleton, CO; a ballroom venue for music, dance, and art.


Joe and Nelle are part organizers of and teachers at Mile High Blues and have toured the world teaching and performing Blues and Lindy Hop in countries such as South Korea, Japan, Canada, France, Hungary, England, and all over the United States. They are proponents of Frame Matching and the creators of ΔPTED, a framework for teaching partner dance connection. Their level of instruction is exceptional and they always innovate creative moves and movements while adhering to the aesthetics of the dances they teach.


They have been competing since 2003, and have taken home several National Championship titles at events such as Blues Shout, International Lindy Hop Championships, Swingtime on the Rockies, Camp Hollywood, and Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown. Their performance troupe, the Woodside Jumpers, have placed at events such as International Lindy Hop Championships and Camp Hollywood. In 2008, they were awarded the Spirit of Lindy Hop award at Camp Jitterbug.


Phone: 720-937-9149

Colorado Springs

Amos Rose:


Amos Rose began dancing in 2007 with an introductory swing class at a local venue. Surviving the night, he continued attending classes and dances as often as possible. Before too long he was dancing, teaching, or deejaying almost every night of the week along the Front Range. Residing in Colorado Springs, Amos is now a regular instructor in the local dance scene while traveling, teaching, and competing throughout the country. His background in healthcare gives him an in depth understanding of body structure and mechanics which he brings to the classroom by emphasizing functional, natural movement and effective partnered connection. As an instructor, Amos strives to share his love of dancing and music with his students.


Kara Fabina:


Kara Fabina is a national dance instructor based in Colorado Springs. Since 2008 she has been teaching and competing jazz, swing and blues throughout the world. Having been dancing for over 15 years, Kara brings both knowledge and experience to the dance floor. She has been recognized internationally for her choreography as well as her achievements in competitions. As an instructor, she stresses connection with one’s partner and the music as well as to not be intimidated by dancing. Her real passion is to become a dance historian and study each style’s rich history and culture. Find out more at

Fort Collins

Mama and Papa Jive-Cat Newlin:

We have been teaching lindy since since 1996, and added blues to our curriculum in 2006. We have recently taught blues at the United States Air Force Academy and Colorado State University, and teach the first Friday of every month at Indigo Blues in Fort Collins.


We do not teach a dance, we teach dancing. We do not teach moves, we teach how to move. We emphasize musicality, finding the patterns in 8- & 12-bar blues, posture, connection, leading & following with the core, and using your vocabulary of moves to better interpret the music. One very popular class is a one-hour “Mama’s Booty Camp”, a guide to using knees, ankles, core to improve body movement.


Our classes are aimed at improving social dancing, not performance or competition.

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